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25 Pack Painted (Tip Up) Stand Up Shakey Jigs Gamakatsu Heavy Duty Hooks

25 Pack Painted (Tip Up) Stand Up Shakey Jigs Gamakatsu Heavy Duty Hooks

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25 Painted Stand Up (Tip-Up) Shakey Jigs

Heavy Duty Gamakatsu Black Nickel Hooks

You are purchasing 25 Stand Up Shakey Jigs. These jigs Have the Screw Loc to hold your plastics on.


The shape of the Jig keeps it upright and stops it from going to the side. Bass just love this Jig!!!

Paint colors available:

1. Green Chartreuse 2. Blaze Orange 3. Hot Pink

4. Bright Green 5. Pearl White 6. Black

7. Red 8. Black/Blue Flake 9. Yellow

10. Ruby Slipper 11. Watermelon Flake 12. Dark Watermelon

13. Baby Bass Green 14. Silver 15. Candy Green

16. Candy Red 17. Candy Blue 18. Candy Pink

19. Pearl Pepper 20. Saphire Blue 21. Super Glow Red

22. Green 23. Copperhead 24. Brown

25. Orange 26. Rootbear 27. Watermelon

28. Purple 29. Transp Copper 30. Red Bug

31. Green Pumpkin 32. 33. Pumpkin Brown

34. Yellow Chartreuse 35. Gold 36. Transp. Gold


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