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Gold Eye

5mm (3/16) 3D Holographic Fishing Lure Eyes, Fly Tying, Jigs, Crafts Qty = 150

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Perfect for your Fishing Lures!! AS OF NOVEMBER 11, 2015 WE ARE OUT OF STOCK ON THE GOLD AND SILVER EYES. WE DO HAVE THE LARGE PUPIL ONES IN STOCK. 5mm (3/16) 3D Holographic Fishing Lure Eyes Fly Tying, Jigs, Crafts, Dolls This is not the Flat Paper Eyes they are Soft Molded 3D Eyes with Large Black Pupils and adhesive Back to stick on your lures, flies, jigs or crafts. Qty = 150 ***Remember to take a Kid Fishing!! It is more fun to watch them catch the Big One!! J*** Thanks for looking, and Tight Lines!!! J