About Us

Crawdads Fishing Tackle is a Family Owned Business.  Our focus is to Supply Fishing Tackle at reasonable and affordable prices.  

Our mission statement is

***"Remember to take a Kid Fishing!!  It is more fun to watch them catch the Big One!!"***

This is where it all starts, with the children.  As a Family owned business, and a father of 3 young children I am more concerned for my children.  “Teach them at a young age and they will grow to love and respect it”. 

Our product line is continually growing.  We have almost every bass fishing product that anyone would ever need.  We carry, Several Weight Styles, Football Jigs, Brush Jigs, Swim Jigs, Roundhead Jigs and several other styles of Jigs.  We also carry Spinnerbaits, Inline Spinners and Soft Plastics.

Do you like to make your own fishing tackle?  Look no further, we sell the hooks, lure bodies, and wire to make your own inline spinner or spinnerbaits.

Our products are painted using Powder Paint.  This is a very durable paint that is hard to chip.

Whatever your needs are, when Fishing, we are always here to help!!! Please give me a call or email if you ever have any questions.

We have a no return policy.  If you are needing certain sizes you will need to leave a note when you checkout.  This will insure that the note gets attached to your invoice.   If you email directions most likely it will get missed and we will not be responsible for the miscommunication. 

Thanks Again and Tight Lines!!




2141 Plett Rd #150

Cadillac MI 49601


*I am only online no storefront